How Python chose me

Every time i learn something new, I put it up here. I’m in the (never-ending) process of learning Python, a general purpose language that is used extensively by Mozilla’s WebQA team. Why Python ————– I didn’t choose Python, instead, it chose me. Unlike java, I didn’t google it to weigh its pros and cons and …

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Software Freedom Day, Bulawayo

      Saturday the 15th was Software Freedom Day and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) hosted the Bulawayo event. After 2 months of preparation the day finally arrived. The event was supported by companies such as Linux Professional Institute. Taznet, Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa(, TELCO, ZIMRA and …

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Contributing at Mozilla

I’ve always wanted to be an  active contributor to an OpenSource Project. I took some time to learn some of the technologies necessary to be able to contribute(Languages, software, Linux etc). When I felt confident in myself, I started hunting for an OpenSource project….while I was searching,the  Google Summer of Code program came up a …

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