The new Unit Conversion App

A few weeks ago I blogged about a unit conversion app that I was working on.
I doubt that I’ll be working on that project anymore. I found on github a similar project that was written better than mine(its design is modular, the style is clean and just better than my own) but the said project had a lot of bugs and in need of a coder to implement some of the features in the specification. The open source volunteer in me didn’t need any more convincing. I was sold.

I took up the challenge, forked the project and started testing it. I identified as many bugs as I could and after that I started work on coding the missing functionality and fixing the bugs I found(there were many **YaY Me **).

After a lot of hard work, I’m happy to state that the project is now at a good stage and all the functionality in the specification is up to date.I suspect that it is still buggy. My focus was on creating a unit conversion app that has an API that I can integrate into my own web applications. This Unit converter has an easy to use API that works.
Have a look at the Unit converter app here: .

The next stage in the application’s development is designing a web based user interface for it. I’m making progress towards this end.
Stay tuned.

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