Pytest Test Parametrization

Learn how to avoid repetition and write simpler and easy to read tests using the pytest parametrization feature.


Testing Python Code Using Pytest

Learn how to install pytest and use it to discover, run, and skip test functions.


Remote development using PyCharm

PyCharm supports remote development. Learn how to set it up in this article.


Git: How to set a default push remote repo

Learn how to make git push to the same remote branch name.


Working With Files in Python

Have you ever wondered how you can use Python to work with groups of files? I wrote a comprehensive article on this for Real Python. You can find the article here. In the article, I cover differences between modules such as fnmatch, pathlib and os. In addition to that, you will learn how to create, … 


*args and **kwargs explained.

If you have ever felt confused when you came across code that contains *args and **kwargs as function parameters, you’re not alone. This syntax is used specify that a function can be called with any number of arguments and It can be very confusing at first. In this article, I explain what *args and **kwargs … 


Using Python’s tempfile module

Recently at work, I had to write a tool that processes files uploaded by our tutorial writers. I needed to build something that could read multiple files, manipulate the data in the files and produce output files based on the results of manipulating the data. Each of the output files produced during the script’s execution … 


ZimboPy August 2018 Mentorship Week

ZimboPy Mentorship Week ZimboPy is an organisation made up of Python Developers in Harare, Zimbabwe that empowers Zimbabwean women and advances the cause of women in tech. They introduce women to programming through partnerships and mentorship programmes meant to equip them with skills modern developers should have. On August 13 – 14, ZimboPy held one … 


Django Indaba — Event debrief

On Saturday, June 30 2018 I attended Zimbabwe’s first Django Indaba. “Indaba” is a Nguni word which means “discussion”, “conference” or “matter” depending on the context. The Django Indaba is a community event for sharing information about web development in Python and open source technologies in general. The organisers of Django Indaba want to make … 


Python GUI Development with GTK+ — Grid

The GTK+ Grid is a container that arranges its children into rows and columns in the same way data in an Excel spreadsheet is laid out. The children can take up as many rows and columns as they need to. The GTK+ Grid mainly uses two methods to add child elements to it: Gtk.Grid.attach() and …