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Databases in AWS: RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a managed relational database service that allows you to setup and operate SQL databases in the AWS cloud.

In this article we’ll discuss the RDS databases and their scalability and high availability.

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AWS: Auto Scaling

In our AWS Cloud article series, we’ve explored the fundamental aspects of EC2 instances, storage, and load balancers. In this article we’ll discuss scalability and Auto Scaling.

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AWS EC2 Storage

AWS offers a range of solutions for Object, file and block storage.This post covers Block storage, Instance storage, machine images and EFS.

Computer cloud storage

AWS EC2 Fundamentals

Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 is an AWS service that gives you the ability to rent virtual machines, store data on them and automatically scale them up or down based on demand or traffic.

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Git: Ignoring Files

Git can be configured to ignore some files in your computer or repository you don’t want to track. These files can include log files, .env files that contain sensitive information, files generated automatically by your text editor or build system, or any locally generated files that your team members will not need. You use gitignore …

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