Vuyisile Ndlovu


Hello! My name is Vuyisile (voo-yee-sea-lay), and I’m a software developer from Zimbabwe. I enjoy writing, speaking, traveling and cutting wood. I develop back-end web applications, usually in Python and Django and I do my best work when I work remotely.

My Skills include: Python, Django, Docker, technical writing, and testing.


  • The Bell Tower — Software Developer.
  • Real Python— Author and Editorial Assistant.
  • Northlea High School: Programming instructor.

Some people I have worked with have this to say:

fast, efficient, and reliable. Highly recommended!

We needed some work on our Django project. Someone recommended Vuyisile. He is fast, efficient, and reliable. Highly recommended!

Ahmed Ajil

instrumental in getting our Django Rest Framework project completed

David Amos

Vuyisile was instrumental in getting our Django Rest Framework project completed. He is a diligent coder with a passion for learning and is a pleasure to work with. His work ethic and friendly, positive attitude are true assets. He is unafraid of technical challenges, speaks up when he needs help, and has solid foundations working with Python and Django. I highly recommend Vuyisile for any junior development position with Python.

David Amos

helped me deliver several time critical projects

Dan Bader

I appreciate Vuyisile’s contributions to as a Tutorial Author and Editorial Assistant. He helped me deliver several time-critical projects that improved the experience for our students and advertising customers.

Dan Bader


  • PyPI In a box -- An offline, Raspberry Pi powered clone of PyPI
  • Invoices Generator -- A Django powered web application with a Postgres database running in a Docker environment hosted on the Divio Cloud. It uses CircleCI to run lint checks, unit, and functional (Selenium Webdriver) tests. Work in progress.
  • Capital Finder -- A Python command line application that prints out the capital of any country provided to it.

Technical Writing

Open Source work

  • Mozilla. Former core contributor. I contribute code, QA, and documentation to a number of Mozilla projects such as Firefox, the Mozilla Developer Network(MDN), Taskcluster, and a bunch of internal tools.
  • A project close to my heart, this is an online learning platform that provides interactive learning to students in underserved communities in Africa and Asia. I wrote some of the user documentation here.
  • Whichcraft. A cookiecutter related project that provides cross-platform cross-python shutil.which functionality. I worked on a fix for failing builds.
  • Pytest nunit -- A pytest plugin for generating NUnit3 test result XML output. Added locale and uiculture properties.
  • Divio -- Contributor to the Divio developer documentation.

Speaking Engagements

I regularly talk about programming, open source, and privacy. I recently spoke at:

Social Media

GitHub terrameijar.
Twitter: @terrameijar.
LinkedIn:Vuyisile Ndlovu

Interviews & Podcasts

My CV/Resume: Resume.

I am open to new opportunities. If you're hiring, please get in touch.