About me

Vuyisile Ndlovu

My name is Vuyisile and I am a Software Developer. I love dogs, mecha anime and woodworking. I enjoy developing software and automating tasks. I work best when I use Linux and write code in Python but I enjoy learning new things and trying out new technology and tools.

I enjoy working collaboratively on open source projects and meeting people from all walks of life.

Open Source

I am a contributor to the Mozilla and Oppia Foundations.

GitHub terrameijar.
Twitter: @terrameijar.
LinkedIn:Vuyisile Ndlovu

Speaking Engagements

I regularly talk about privacy, open source, and programming. Recent events I spoke at:


  • The Bell Tower — Django Customer portal powered by a RESTful API.
  • Real Python— Author.
  • Northlea High School: Programming instructor.

Interviews & Podcasts

My CV/Resume: Resume.

I am open to new opportunities. If you’re hiring, please get in touch.