This week in Firefox: Testing Graphics

On Friday February 17 2017, the Firefox Beta community tested Firefox 52 Beta 7. The focus of this test day was on WebGL. WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering  graphics in the browser without the use of plugins such as Flash or Silverlight.
Graphics testing involves testing how Firefox renders websites that use WebGL for video, animations and online games. Our test suite had 7 test cases to run against popular websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Fupa. We tested that Firefox rendered each video or animation as expected and that it didn’t hang or crash while rendering.

The best part about testing graphics is that it’s actually fun because of the interactive nature of the tests. Not only was I working while running the tests, but I got to goof around and play online games and watch my favourite videos on YouTube.

Here are a few animations and a game I found interesting:

WebGL Water:


Js cloth:

Lines go all over the place:

If you cannot view any of the above links, please consider upgrading to the Firefox Nightly browser, it is where all the new and exciting development work is happening and where experimental features are tested.

Besides testing graphics, we also ran through the latest bugs that the developers have fixed. After a bug has been resolved, the QA team has to test and verify that the bug has been fixed on the different platforms that the application in question(Firefox in our case) is available under. I run Ubuntu Linux so my contributions are specific to this OS.

The Firefox project needs more testers to help us make Firefox better. If you would like to be involved in Firefox development, QA or with the Mozilla project in general, please get in touch with me.

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