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Software Freedom Day, Bulawayo

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Saturday the 15th was Software Freedom Day and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) hosted the Bulawayo event.

After 2 months of preparation the day finally arrived. The event was supported by companies such as Linux Professional Institute.
Taznet, Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa(, TELCO, ZIMRA and many more companies.

I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of Mozilla. The event started at 10am. The keynote address was delivered by the NUST Vice Chancellor and he talked about the importance of using Open Technologies and forming open source communities.

A presentation on FOSS and education shed lot’s of light on e-learning and how it can be used in Zimbabwe.
Other speakers included Keutlwile Leso (FOSSFA liason), Coley Zephenia and Wiseman Nyambuya on LPI certification.

The event went well and I presented on Mozilla’s mission, Mozilla products and how people can get involved and start contributing at Mozilla. I didn’t receive my swag pack in time, so no one got any Mozilla take-homes… 🙁 On a more positive note however, I managed to help one guy sign up for the student reps program and he seems eager to learn more. I also had a lot of people asking for my details, am still waiting for them to get in touch.

Pictures on my facebook:

My presentation can be found here… thanks to William Duyck for the great material.

In case you missed the SFD, no worries, I’m planning many more Mozilla related events, will keep you posted….

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