Django Indaba — Event debrief

On Saturday, June 30 2018 I attended Zimbabwe’s first Django Indaba. “Indaba” is a Nguni word which means “discussion”, “conference” or “matter” depending on the context. The Django Indaba is a community event for sharing information about web development in Python and open source technologies in general. The organisers of Django Indaba want to make … 


Open Source licenses explained

A software license grants specific permissions for others to use your work. Licenses allow your source code to be used under defined terms and conditions and they also protect the licensor( you, owner of the code) from litigation. There are a number of Open Source software licenses to choose from and the differences between these … 


MozillaZw L10n Meetup

Mozilla Zimbabwe L10n Meetup 30/01/14 Short and sweet: Goals: -meet in person -create assets such as termbases, glossaries etc -tweet the event -move the translation progress up to 12% Comment: Successful meetup. All goals except final one realised. Project progress is at 11% Long and Delicious: What actually happened:


The challenge of contributing to Mozilla

The last community meet-up was a success, attendance was higher than expected and everyone was excited to join Mozilla and start contributing. Discussions involved translating the browser, building a custom B2G phone, working on addons and growing the community. Everyone seemed interested in taking on a particular functional area.


Software Freedom Day, Bulawayo

      Saturday the 15th was Software Freedom Day and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) hosted the Bulawayo event. After 2 months of preparation the day finally arrived. The event was supported by companies such as Linux Professional Institute. Taznet, Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa(, TELCO, ZIMRA and …