Reflections: Why I won’t quit Python

At the beginning of the year I made a very important decision. I decided to learn Python, the programming language for those that don’t know. I have done well for myself and I’ve made certain progress in this respect.

I am far from being good and I have a lot more to learn heck, I even feel embarrassed to share my code (but I do it still). It has not been an easy road up to this point but the experience has definitely been worth it. I have failed many times and I have been in over my head a lot. There are bad days, days when I feel that I can’t do it, days when I feel that I’m not good enough and days when I just don’t understand what I’m doing BUT….

I want to make a statement however: Why I’m doing this I don’t know, maybe one day i’ll look back on this post and be motivated, I don’t know.

I will not stop reading, coding, tinkering and breaking stuff because I owe it to myself to do this and master the Python language. I will put in the effort necessary to become a master coder. I will read books, attend lectures,seminars and workshops. I will learn from others and I will not stop trying until I get it. I can do this!

Having said that, I’d like to reflect on my progress:

  • This year:
    I contributed to someone’s opensource code project.
  • I started reading books on Python development and Python software testing.
  • I ran a number of automated tests using Python and Selenium.
  • I created a simple python game
  • I signed up for the codecademy and Udemy python classes
  • I’m following the Google Python Class and working on all the exercises.

Reflecting on this has helped me see what progress I’ve made. I am far from where I want to be but I believe that to go up a mountain, you need to take it one step at a time. I plan to build a python(django) powered web app before the end of the year and this is my goal.

Next year, I plan to go narrow but very deep. I plan to push more code to my repo and buil more apps that I can be proud off. My ultimate goal is to have my code commited to Mozilla repos.

Thank you for reading. Any feedback is much appreciated.