How Python chose me

Every time i learn something new, I put it up here.
I’m in the (never-ending) process of learning Python, a general purpose language
that is used extensively by Mozilla’s WebQA team.

Why Python

I didn’t choose Python, instead, it chose me.
Unlike java, I didn’t google it to weigh its pros and cons and determine whether its a language worth learning or not. No instead I had to learn it because it is the language that is at the heart of WebQA automation and If I’m serious about being a software tester, this is the language to learn. I’m in good company. because I have a community of experienced developers and testers that I work with who are more than happy to help me along the way.

My journey so far

To be blatantly honest, I haven’t been disciplined in my study of python, its been on and off,
but I today decided to put an end to this, today I’ve decided that I want to be a GREAT programmer!
Python is the language i’ll master and I will attain guru status after a few years.

What I find most interesting

Whitespace matters! Unlike most programming languages, in python, whitespace, tabs really matter.
There are no braces to group together blocks of code but instead they are grouped by indentation blocks? lost? let me use an example:

Python gets straight to the point:
In java, this is what you’d need to type in to get a hello world program:

public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println(“Hello, World”);

In python:

print (“Hello world”)

Python is easy to read and write and if you’re new to programming I would definitely recommend starting with Python. I would be more than happy to help any newbies begin their journey. If you need any help, throw me a line, my email is terrameijar at google’s mail service. Not only will I get to help you get started, but I’ll also become a better programmer in the process.