Finally Done

After three days of sight seeing, my trip to Japan has come to an end. I must say, I enjoyed every moment of it, yes even though I was lost most of the time. Being in Japan helped me understand what its like to be a tourist.

Finding my way around Tokyo was challenging I must say, I always had at least three maps and a guide book everywhere I went, but even then, it was hard to navigate the complex subway system. Fortunately, the Japanese are very helpful people and I noticed that whenever I was lost, there was always a friendly face willing to provide assistance, even if I didn’t understand a single word they said.

The food in Japan might require getting used to, especially the tea. I loved the sushi and the ramen noodles and I’ll definitely be having that whenever I get the chance.

If you’re going to be travelling to Tokyo any time soon, I recommend the Hato Bus service, they offer reasonably priced tours around the cities and you get an English speaking tour guide who knows the land.

I’d like to send a BIG thank you to the following people for making this trip possible. Firstly, Mitchell Baker, who sent me the invitation to visit any Moz Space of my choice, Luciana Viana and Mike St. Jovite, for arranging all the travel logistics, Yuka Takagi for the work she put in to get my visa documents ready,Brian Birtles and Gen Kanai for helping me get around, the Mozilla Japan staff for all their help and of course, not forgetting the entire Mozilla Community that got me here in the first place. Thank you, Ngiyabonga, Arigatou gozaimasu

Pictures tell a better story than words alone can. Enjoy:

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  1. Precious Russell

    Love it!! The pictures are gorgeous…and they do tell a thousand words. Looks like it was an amazing experience for you.

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