How Python chose me

Every time i learn something new, I put it up here. I’m in the (never-ending) process of learning Python, a general purpose language that is used extensively by Mozilla’s WebQA team. Why Python ————– I didn’t choose Python, instead, it chose me. Unlike java, I didn’t google it to weigh its pros and cons and … 


Finally Done

After three days of sight seeing, my trip to Japan has come to an end. I must say, I enjoyed every moment of it, yes even though I was lost most of the time. Being in Japan helped me understand what its like to be a tourist.


Trip to Japan: Day 1

This is the second post in a series of posts about my trip to Japan. In this post, I’ll talk about my experience in Tokyo on Day 1. This post is a continuation of this one. The Hotel I’m staying at the Hotel Okura, a beautiful Hotel. Okura is conveniently located, the Roppongi shopping district … 


Getting there

This is the first post in a series of posts about my trip to Japan. In this post, I’ll talk about the preparations I had to make to get to Tokyo. I’m Zimbabwean, which means that I need a VISA to go pretty much anywhere outside the country. Getting the Japan Visa proved to be … 


Systems Administration at ORAP

Two weeks ago, I applied to volunteer at ORAP Zimbabwe and I got a positive response from management. Needless to say, I was happy to be awarded an opportunity to work there again(more on that in a bit). About ORAP


Fleeting thoughts of a wanna-be software tester.

I love quality. I love things that work well, I expect perfection from people, especially if they are providing a service to me. I do not understand when someone cannot do their job. I am a critical and sometimes persimisstic person. I’ve always thought these were my vices, but after reading a certain book by … 


On Tech Hubs and Learning opportunities

Two new tech hubs have been formed in Zimbabwe. The Hypercube Hub in Harare and the Ski-Hub in Bulawayo. I’m very excited about developments such as these. Why? Because hubs have one goal: To promote innovation and provide a space for co-working. Innovation, learning, free Internet access and collaboration are words that get me excited. … 


2 years at Mozilla– What a ride

2 Years at Mozilla I’ve been contributing to Mozilla projects for 2 years now and it’s been a wonderful journey. It all started sometime in June/July of 2012. I sent an email to one of the Mozilla mailing lists requesting to volunteer and a day or so later, I got a response. I went through … 


MozillaZw L10n Meetup

Mozilla Zimbabwe L10n Meetup 30/01/14 Short and sweet: Goals: -meet in person -create assets such as termbases, glossaries etc -tweet the event -move the translation progress up to 12% Comment: Successful meetup. All goals except final one realised. Project progress is at 11% Long and Delicious: What actually happened:


The challenge of contributing to Mozilla

The last community meet-up was a success, attendance was higher than expected and everyone was excited to join Mozilla and start contributing. Discussions involved translating the browser, building a custom B2G phone, working on addons and growing the community. Everyone seemed interested in taking on a particular functional area.