Mozilla Zimbabwe Community

Yesterday was the date set for the first Mozilla Zimbabwe Community meetup.
It was very unfortunate that most of those could not make it and only one person showed up.
The contributors did not let me know in advance that they would not be able to make it, so I didn’t cancel the meeting.
I explained to the one guy who attended what Mozilla is all about, what projects one can work on and also covered the cool projects
that Mozilla is working on currently i.e FirefoxOS, Persona and the Webmaker project.

To keep the contributors interested, i’ll make sure they all get the swag that was meant for them. I still have some swag saved fom the last event, but unfortunately i don’t have t-shirts any more.

During the week leading up to the meetup, I created a Facebook group for the Zimbabwe Community( and it created a lot of interest in Mozilla. Two people have shown an interest in working on Visual Design, one guy has joined WebQA and I’ll be working with one of the contributors in creating and managing content for the Mozilla Zimbabwe Website that we will be launching in a few weeks.

Once the website is up, I can promise that it will make it even easier for contributors to get involved.

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  1. Hey Vyusile, really sorry to hear that the meetup didn’t happen as planned. Don’t lose hope though, it’s usually tricky when starting up with a couple of unexpected curve balls. Great to hear that you have a new person joining WebQA. I’d encourage you to use your knowledge on WebQA to onboard more contributors interested in this area of contribution.

    I don’t do WebQA myself but I’d really love to and if you were in Kenya and showed me how to, I’d be willing to become a Mozilla contributor if I wasn’t already 🙂

    Otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anymore help – cc me in one of your planning emails.


    1. That’s good to hear Alex, will definitely cc you. Trust me, i’m not running out of steam now, I’ll keep going until something comes up.
      Anything from you is always good advice, note taken. Will definitely be sending you an email when I need help.


  2. Congratulations on Hosting the first Zimbabwe community meetup, hope you have many more with higher success rates.

    I’ll be checking the facebook page to see what the community is up to – I might learn something new to share with Nigeria Community.

    1. Good to hear from you Soki and thanks for your support. I noticed that you also have a growing community in Nigeria, I guess there’s a lot we can learn from each other.

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