Another unit conversion app?

I’ve always had a challenge in understanding the meaning of data transfer rates I hear whenever I’m asking about an ISP package. What does 15Mbps even mean? I think better in terms of how many megabytes of data I can download per second, so I’ve always had to use an online converter to convert the Mbps to MB/s. I’ve done it this way until I thought to myself, why don’t I just build my own app to do this for me?

I did it, coded the python app and it works! I also went on to add distance and weight conversions.

The Web and me

What mobile internet means for me?

I’m sitting at the infamous hunger square at the college under the shade of the tall tree near the admin office, my eyes fixed intently on my 2.5” Nokia screen. My class mates are in the same place as I am, but they are engaged in varied, conversations about how they hated the programming lecture, whether or not the next lecturer will be present, what to have for lunch, why they think they’ll fail the next test and so on. One guy calls me and says, as he points to my phone, “Let me guess, you’re on Facebook right?” At that moment I stop to think, “What could have given him that impression?” Then it occurs to me, I’m sat a distance from the others, I’m not involved in their discussions, I have a phone in my hands and I’m concentrating really hard and there’s an occasional smile now and again.

To this guy watching me, this is a sign that I’m  facebooking as they like to call it. Apparently, these are the symptoms of a facebooker. For the record, I’m not on FB as I explained to him; I’m actually on a VB programming forum. This guy’s question made me ask myself this? “What is it about FB that makes it so popular among students?”(I cannot think of anyone in my class who does not have a FB account, well except of course for Mathar, I doubt that she has one.)

Really, what does the internet mean to me, to my peers and students in general?

I’ll tell you what it means to me.