Africom, My second love

I’ve been using Africom for a week now and well all i can say is that i’m not complaining.I’ll tell you what i think of their service.

I have 3 things against Africom:
1) Coverage is patchy if you live more than 10km from the base station (N.R.Z Building)

2) When you subscribe, you only get 1 Gig..and for a Facebook and Youtube fanatic like me, that’s not enough to last me for a whole month.

3) Topping up after you’ve reached your cap is expensive($100 per gig)

That said, I’d like to say that the speed is quite good, especially if you’re near the base station.My Gmail loads fast,downloads sometimes burst to 200KB/sec and the network has a fairly low Latency.

Unlike some providers, Africom works well during peak hours,and off peak,well it’s amazing what you can do.

I haven’t had a chance to perform comprehensive tests, but from my everyday browsing, i’d say all is cool.I managed to load in less than 15 seconds and that, by my standards is fast…

So if you need a good,affordable connection to the Internet, I’d recommend Africom…I’ll add more later…