Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Tech4Africa in Johannesburg,South Africa Tech4africa was meant to bring together people in tech to learn, meet new people and have lots of fun. I manned the Mozilla booth, demoed FirefoxOS and answered as many questions as I could from the event attendees. The event in general went …

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Thank you ORAP

Many of you know that I have been working at ORAP for the past three months or so. As expected, I enjoyed being there and I definitely would encourage you to volunteer there if you can. I say this because my time at ORAP has come to its end. At this point I doubt very …

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Systems Administration at ORAP

Two weeks ago, I applied to volunteer at ORAP Zimbabwe and I got a positive response from management. Needless to say, I was happy to be awarded an opportunity to work there again(more on that in a bit). About ORAP

Facebook remix

Remixed my first site using Hackasaurus…this is cool….check it out here: The tool is pretty cool, it allows you to highlight any part of the website you want to remix and edit it to suit your needs. When you’re done, it generates the modified HTML code that you can share with friends……you can find my …

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Firefox OS?

Firefox Mobile OS Word on the net is this….The Firefox people have been busy at work, working on a Mobile Operating System of their own. Unlike other mobile OSes that are built on software created using Java, C,Or other similar languages, this OS is based entirely on HTML5. Yes you heard it HTML5! Mozilla has …

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