Java Experience

After a frustrating search that didn’t bear any results, I made a decision
to move to another programming language. What was I searching for? Tips on how to develop
apps for mobile devices. I must admit, I was pidgeon holed in one programming language(Visual Basic).
I mean, I sincerely beleived that VB was the best thing after sliced wrong I was.
It was after a lot of unfruitful searches that I figured out that VB was not the best option for mobile development.

Migrating to Linux

Linux 3d Image

A friend of mine from college always talked about linux. He swears by it. Everytime he talked about it, i always kept thinking,

But why would anyone want to change from Windows, why bother?

That is what I always asked myself, so I had a long talk with him and had him explain to me the benefits of switching OSes…..He didn’t do a really good job of it, except tell me how cool it would be to use the command line for everything and not use point and click, like most of us are used to doing. To all Linux geeks out there, here’s a tip, when introducing a noob to linux, you might not want to scare them with command line(or terminal as it should rightfully be called) jargon, at least not until they understand a little.

I wasn’t dissuaded however, I still wanted to know more…..for me, the reason was just for the fun of it. I’m an avid learner so it was a challenge more or less.