Systems Administration at ORAP

Two weeks ago, I applied to volunteer at ORAP Zimbabwe and I got a positive response from management. Needless to say, I was happy to be awarded an opportunity to work there again(more on that in a bit).

About ORAP

ORAP is a local NGO that seeks to fight poverty by empowering people through education, and facilitating development in their diverse cultural backgrounds. I’m not a social science major and as such I cannot be of  much use in that regard. My service to the Organisation is in the I.T department.

My Work

I volunteer here for two reasons, 1) to gain work experience and give back to an Organisation that taught me practically everything I know about the technical side  of I.T . I interned at ORAP and also worked here in 2012. The organisation has a progressive work environment that is free and relaxed. The staff are super friendly and the Internet connection isn’t too bad :).

My work here for now is pretty simple as much of the systems needed by a medium sized NGO are already set up and running. My job now (or my hope rather) is to make everyone’s lives a little simpler. This will involve formulating and/or updating I.T policies regarding security, network connectivity and the Organisation’s online presence.

While I cannot go into detail into what this will really involve, I can safely say that its going to be a fun ride and I hope to have an impact on everyone here (and earn myself some bragging rights while I’m at it lol).



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  1. I appreciate your desire to gain experience than money first. Since you said all things are already i place regarding the IT policies, let’s hope you will have more time doing Mozilla L10n

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