The Editor Chooses Terra!

choose your weapon

After a few days of trying out the different editors out there, i think i’ve finally found one that i’m comfortable with.

First, i tried Notepad…but like most of you will agree, this makes your job even more difficult as it is just a text editor,

nothing more.

I switched to gedit which came as the default text editor on Ubuntu 10.

Gedit is good, i might say( by good i mean better than notepad), it offers code highlighting and it supports many different languages, which is a plus for me.I also used the text editor that comes with Kubuntu (Kate), …it has similar functionality to Gedit, but it’s just more complicated.( Switching between languages isn’t very easy)

Next was Notepad++…. it didn’t choose me, let me say. So which editor chose me? Intype.

INTYPE Intype User-Interface

It’s easy to use, supports multiple projects and it has a user friendly User Interface. I haven’t explored it’s full feature set, but i’m sure that this one is for me…. more on this later.

Intype has a few down sides. Firstly, it only works on Windows OSes, this isn’t really helpful for a Linux guy like me….thank heavens for emulators. I made the mistake of downloading the Unstable version,since it was the latest( After it crashed on me a more than a few times, I know now why it’s referred to as the unstable version haha). I cannot use that against it, but it was just an observation.

Another moot point; You cannot export your source code to a default program(The browser in my case). So if you’re editing a file, you need to open it in the editor and in the browser and hit refresh every time you make changes to it.It’s not much of a problem, but it can be quite annoying if, like me you like to have many windows open at the same time.

Ok back to the pluses. Intype is portable, meaning you can keep it on your Flash drive and use it whereever you are, there’s no need to install it. Just extract and run the executable.This is really good if you’re forced to use Notepad at College like we are.

If you’re good at what you’re doing, Intype makes coding easier for you by allowing you to include predefined bundles.
These can be anything from function definitions,headers, Doctypes, Control Statements, presentation formats etc all depending on the Language you’re coding in.