Hacking the DNS

The next challenge at P2PU is Attack The DNS challenge. The goal in this challenge is to learn as much as I can about DNS. The logic behind this is that since i’ll be modifying DNS records for the websites i’ll be creating, I have to know and understand DNS. The first task is to …

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My Domain Registrar

The next challenge at P2PU is choosing a domain registrar. Since i’m still learning, i prefer the free ones, so my choice was register.cu.cc. I’d love to have a .com or .co.zw site but hey .cu.cc is not that bad. I mean, it’s better that terra.dirtcheaphosting.com for instance 🙂 Anyway, register.cu.cc is my choice for …

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Bring it on

ok so i’ve completed the Second P2P Challenge and i earned meself some badges(the default ones)…nice…moving on to the next challenge… Bring it on!!!!!

Handwritten HTML

I meant to do this a long time ago….but getting hold of a scanner proved to be difficult. So what did i do? Used a mobile phone to take the picture.I didn’t have to write out the assignment a number of times to get it right…i have some experience with HTML.(some being the operative word …

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Meet TerraMeijar

Hello P2PU people. It’s great to be embarking on this project. So here’s the low down on me.I’m passionate about new technology,the web and programming in general, so i didn’t need much pushing to start theWebcraft101 challenges. I believe the web is a very interesting platform with so much to learn.Coding web apps must be …

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