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Software Freedom Day, Bulawayo

      Saturday the 15th was Software Freedom Day and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) hosted the Bulawayo event. After 2 months of preparation the day finally arrived. The event was supported by companies such as Linux Professional Institute. Taznet, Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa(, TELCO, ZIMRA and …

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Contributing at Mozilla

I’ve always wanted to be an  active contributor to an OpenSource Project. I took some time to learn some of the technologies necessary to be able to contribute(Languages, software, Linux etc). When I felt confident in myself, I started hunting for an OpenSource project….while I was searching,the  Google Summer of Code program came up a …

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Facebook remix

Remixed my first site using Hackasaurus…this is cool….check it out here: The tool is pretty cool, it allows you to highlight any part of the website you want to remix and edit it to suit your needs. When you’re done, it generates the modified HTML code that you can share with friends……you can find my …

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Firefox OS?

Firefox Mobile OS Word on the net is this….The Firefox people have been busy at work, working on a Mobile Operating System of their own. Unlike other mobile OSes that are built on software created using Java, C,Or other similar languages, this OS is based entirely on HTML5. Yes you heard it HTML5! Mozilla has …

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Java Experience

After a frustrating search that didn’t bear any results, I made a decision to move to another programming language. What was I searching for? Tips on how to develop apps for mobile devices. I must admit, I was pidgeon holed in one programming language(Visual Basic). I mean, I sincerely beleived that VB was the best …

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