Hacking the DNS

The next challenge at P2PU is Attack The DNS challenge. The goal in this challenge is to learn as much as I can about DNS. The logic behind this is that since i’ll be modifying DNS records for the websites i’ll be creating, I have to know and understand DNS. The first task is to …

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My Domain Registrar

The next challenge at P2PU is choosing a domain registrar. Since i’m still learning, i prefer the free ones, so my choice was register.cu.cc. I’d love to have a .com or .co.zw site but hey .cu.cc is not that bad. I mean, it’s better that terra.dirtcheaphosting.com for instance 🙂 Anyway, register.cu.cc is my choice for …

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Bring it on

ok so i’ve completed the Second P2P Challenge and i earned meself some badges(the default ones)…nice…moving on to the next challenge… Bring it on!!!!!

Handwritten HTML

I meant to do this a long time ago….but getting hold of a scanner proved to be difficult. So what did i do? Used a mobile phone to take the picture.I didn’t have to write out the assignment a number of times to get it right…i have some experience with HTML.(some being the operative word …

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Meet TerraMeijar

Hello P2PU people. It’s great to be embarking on this project. So here’s the low down on me.I’m passionate about new technology,the web and programming in general, so i didn’t need much pushing to start theWebcraft101 challenges. I believe the web is a very interesting platform with so much to learn.Coding web apps must be …

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The Web and me

What mobile internet means for me? I’m sitting at the infamous hunger square at the college under the shade of the tall tree near the admin office, my eyes fixed intently on my 2.5” Nokia screen. My class mates are in the same place as I am, but they are engaged in varied, conversations about …

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