The Summit –part 2

The Summit

The Summit started on Friday and ran for three days.
The goal was to get everyone up to speed with what Mozilla has achieved in the recent years,clarify our identity and where we stand and plan for the future.

To do the above meant going through a lot of talks, sessions and breakouts from volunteers and staff alike.

The Summit experience.

The Summit was great, i got to meet a lot of people from different cultural  and social backgrounds, i even picked up a little Spanish from members of the mozilla hispano community(These guys have lot’s of energy by the way). It was great to meet fellow Mozilla Reps that I had only seen on irc and in mailing lists. Putting a face to someone’s irc nick makes a big difference to the way you view a them, trust me.

I made it my goal to talk to and meet as many people as I could.
I did and little did I know that this actually had an impact on most of them, because I was voted person who had the most positive impact at the summit (How great is that?).

It was unfortunate that I could not get to meet Alex, my reps mentor(he couldn’t make it to the Summit) as I was looking forward to meeting him.

If there is anything I learned, it’s that mozillians are awesome and that they can do anything they put their heads and hearts to.

I thought I was excited before the Summit, but I got more excited after the Summit had come to an end. There was a very positive spirit after the Summit and I can for-see Mozillians doing bigger things in the next three years.

Photo set :

The Summit made me more committed to Mozilla and I can’t wait for more good things to come. Thank you Mozilla.

I am Vuyisile. I AM A Mozillian!