ZimboPy August 2018 Mentorship Week

ZimboPy Mentorship Week ZimboPy is an organisation made up of Python Developers in Harare, Zimbabwe that empowers Zimbabwean women and advances the cause of women in tech. They introduce women to programming through partnerships and mentorship programmes meant to equip them with skills modern developers should have. On August 13 – 14, ZimboPy held one … 


PyCon Zimbabwe 2017

PyCon Zim 2017 I had the priviledge of attending PyCon Zimbabwe two weeks ago. This was my very first language conference. PyCon is a conference for the Python programming community. In Zimbabwe, it was held from the 23rd to the 26th of August 2017. This year’s PyCon was the second one in Zimbabwe and its … 


MozillaZw L10n Meetup

Mozilla Zimbabwe L10n Meetup 30/01/14 Short and sweet: Goals: -meet in person -create assets such as termbases, glossaries etc -tweet the event -move the translation progress up to 12% Comment: Successful meetup. All goals except final one realised. Project progress is at 11% Long and Delicious: What actually happened:


The challenge of contributing to Mozilla

The last community meet-up was a success, attendance was higher than expected and everyone was excited to join Mozilla and start contributing. Discussions involved translating the browser, building a custom B2G phone, working on addons and growing the community. Everyone seemed interested in taking on a particular functional area.