web dev

Facebook remix

Remixed my first site using Hackasaurus…this is cool….check it out here: The tool is pretty cool, it allows you to highlight any part of the website you want to remix and edit it to suit your needs. When you’re done, it generates the modified HTML code that you can share with friends……you can find my …

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Learning CSS

CSS Fundamentals. The Web Development Course at Codecademy has a CSS Track where you can learn the basics of CSS and pimp your static web pages. There are 5 sub challenges that include everything from What CSS is to External Style sheets and Advanced CSS. I’m currently working on the external stylesheets challenge. It’s pretty …

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Meet TerraMeijar

Hello P2PU people. It’s great to be embarking on this project. So here’s the low down on me.I’m passionate about new technology,the web and programming in general, so i didn’t need much pushing to start theWebcraft101 challenges. I believe the web is a very interesting platform with so much to learn.Coding web apps must be …

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