Python: Get password from terminal without echoing

Python offers a useful module for validating user credentials: getpass.
The getpass module has two functions used to retrieve a username and a password from the terminal. These can be used in commandline programs that require a user to type in a password (or other sensitive information) without showing or echoing what the user types on the screen.

The module has two functions:

1. getpass.getpass(). This function has the following signature:

getpass.getpass(prompt='Password: ', stream=None)

The prompt is the message that is displayed on the screen to prompt the user to enter a password. You can override the prompt to suit your needs.

2. getpass.getuser(). This function returns the login name of the current user.

The password validation program below demonstrates how to use the two functions:

import getpass

username = getpass.getuser()

while True:
    password = getpass.getpass(f"Enter password for username {username}: ")

    if password == 'sekret':
        print(f"Welcome {username}")
        print("Incorrect password!")