On Tech Hubs and Learning opportunities

Two new tech hubs have been formed in Zimbabwe. The Hypercube Hub in Harare and the Ski-Hub in Bulawayo. I’m very excited about developments such as these. Why? Because hubs have one goal: To promote innovation and provide a space for co-working.
Innovation, learning, free Internet access and collaboration are words that get me excited. I love love tech and I love people who love tech. I have friends who I only talk to when I want to debate about Linux VS Windows, Firefox VS Chrome etc…not because I like arguing, no, I just like to see people who are as passionate as I am about tech and software.

I believe that the tech hubs will do something that we really need in this country. Expose entrepreneurs and developers to ideas, resources and teaching. Hubs are the perfect places to learn,mentor and co-work.

I would like to take an active part in the teaching/learning process that we’ll be taking place at the hubs. I believe the Webmaker projects could be my contribution to the Hubs, especially the one in my home town Bulawayo.

My plan is to study up(once I get time) and learn how to be a Webmaker Mentor and then train others to do the same. I’ve been in touch with the Hub managers and this is in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for some a lot of Webmaker awesomeness in the coming quarter.