Image of maker party attendees

Makerparty in Bulawayo

This is a quick debrief of the first Maker Party in Bulawayo that was held on the 27th of August 2014.

After a few weeks of planning, I and the rest of the Mozilla Zimbabwe team hosted a Maker Party with a focus on teaching people about privacy.

We had planned to make it a full featured event with sessions on thimble, goggles and privacy. Our Internet connection failed us during the sessions and we had to do everything offline. This wasn’t a problem as we had anticipated the possibility of this.

The maker party was focused on user privacy and security. We had discussions with attendees on what the web is, how it is threatened by organisitions that want to have a monopoly over it. Some of the discussions were on the threats that people face online such as scams,phishing,malware and privacy violations.

The discussions were led by facilitators who asked the audience thought provoking questions and then allowed discussions to ensue. Participants were divided into groups and each group would write down its conclusions on post it notes that would then be shared with other groups. Doing things this way led to very active and interesting discussions that engaged all who were present.

Pictures here