How Ecocash Saved my life.

What feelings does the word ‘Ecocash’ invoke? Well for me its a feeling of utter merriment. I love Ecocash. I am in no way associated with Econet Wireless or Ecocash but I just want to share with everyone why and how I use the Ecocash service.

For those of you who don’t already know, Ecocash is a mobile money transfer solution available to Econet subscribers (I am a proud Econet user myself). The service not only allows subscribers to transfer money, but it offers services such as Loans, Utility Bill payments and virtual payments. I have been using Ecocash for about 3 years and I don’t regret signing up for the service.

How has Ecocash saved my life?


In 2012 I worked at ORAP and I worked out of town in Tsholotsho.I worked about 3km away from the Tsholotsho business center which meant that whenever I needed to buy stuff I had to walk.Ecocash, allowed me to walk in to just about any shop and load my Ecocash account and send money back home to my Mother without having to travel a 100km back home in Bulawayo everytime I got paid.

At the same time I could talk to my girlfriend for hours on the phone and not worry about running out of credit because I could always buy airtime using Ecocash.


In 2013 I was in College and if you’ve gone through Higher Education, you know how much you can spend on books, modules, assignment materials and the like. Ecocash came to the rescue many times whenever I was short on cash.


The most recent experience I had with Ecocash was when I used their Mastercard. If you don’t know what the Ecocash Mastercard is you can read more about it here: . When I was traveling to South Africa for the Tech4Africa Conference a few weeks ago there was a minor mishap, the Hotel had not arranged a shuttle to pick me up from the airport and I did not have any cash on hand to pay for a cab. Since I had funds in my ecocash account, I just used the Mastercard to withdraw money from a Nedbank ATM and I was able to get myself a cab from the airport to the hotel. The cab ride cost me an arm and a leg however.

So to sum it all up, I’d like to say that my experience with Ecocash has been very good. I have been able to borrow money, receive payments, buy stuff, pay bills and save using Ecocash. So if after reading this you’re still not using Ecocash, you need a punch in the stomach.

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