An alternative Python interpreter.

Running code in the default Python interpreter is great as long as the code you write is short and you don’t make mistakes while typing the code in. After a couple of lines and multiple levels of indentation, using the interpreter becomes difficult. bpython is a good alternative to consider.

bpython is a fancy interface to the Python interpreter that works for most operating systems. I like it because it makes writing Python code in the REPL easy. bpython offers syntax highlighting, autocomplete suggestions and also displays the expected parameters when calling functions.

bpython’s full feature list:

  • In-line syntax highlighting
  • Readline-like autocomplete with suggestions displayed as you type.
  • Expected parameter list for any Python function.
  • “Rewind” function to pop the last line of code from memory and re-evaluate.
  • Send the code you’ve entered off to a pastebin.
  • Save the code you’ve entered to a file.
  • Auto-indentation.
  • Python 3 support.


Visit the bpython site to learn more about the project: