MozillaZw L10n Meetup

Mozilla Zimbabwe L10n Meetup 30/01/14 Short and sweet: Goals: -meet in person -create assets such as termbases, glossaries etc -tweet the event -move the translation progress up to 12% Comment: Successful meetup. All goals except final one realised. Project progress is at 11% Long and Delicious: What actually happened:


The challenge of contributing to Mozilla

The last community meet-up was a success, attendance was higher than expected and everyone was excited to join Mozilla and start contributing. Discussions involved translating the browser, building a custom B2G phone, working on addons and growing the community. Everyone seemed interested in taking on a particular functional area.


The Summit –part 2

The Summit The Summit started on Friday and ran for three days. The goal was to get everyone up to speed with what Mozilla has achieved in the recent years,clarify our identity and where we stand and plan for the future. To do the above meant going through a lot of talks, sessions and breakouts … 


The Mozilla Summit — Part one

I have a problem, I know, I never blog about events in time. Its been almost two weeks since the Mozilla Summit and this post is a brief writeup of my experience in Canada. The invitation The Mozilla Summit is/was a meetup of all core contributors to the Mozilla Project. About 2000 peole were invited … 


A new Homepage for

This post originally appeared here .  The Mozillians Community directory has a new design for the home page and the style has been updated across the whole site. The code was updated, bugs were filed and fixed and it has gone live. This is a brief summary of the features that are in this release, … 


The June 15th meetup

On Saturday I met up with people interested in joining Mozilla and here’s the post about it:


Our Community Site

I should have written this up a long time ago, but we now have a community website 🙂 The link to the Mozilla Zimbabwe Community can be found here


Event Debrief- Mozilla and the Open Web Challenge

The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) held an Open Day on the 28th of March 2013 to showcase the final year projects that their student’s are working on. I had the privilege of being invited as a speaker at this event. The Open Day had three tracks. The first was for Speakers, the … 


Mozilla Zimbabwe Community

Yesterday was the date set for the first Mozilla Zimbabwe Community meetup. It was very unfortunate that most of those could not make it and only one person showed up. The contributors did not let me know in advance that they would not be able to make it, so I didn’t cancel the meeting. I … 


How NOT to protect your wifi.

Everyone has a wifi network these days and this is good, as wifi networks make it easy to connect all our devices to the net wherever they may be. This of course leads to a question. How secure is your network? Most people seem to think that a passkey/password is enough to keep your network …