Git: How to add modified files and ignore untracked ones

Whenever you make changes to a bunch of files already tracked by git, there’s an easy way to add them without adding untracked files. The command is: git add –update or git add -u That’s it!


Linux: How to increase video volume without re-encoding video

Pycon Africa 2020 took place on August 4 to 8 of 2020. I had the privilege of giving a talk at this conference. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give my talk live, so I sent the organisers a recording of the talk that I had made a few days before.  I hadn’t … 


Django Templates

A brief introduction into the Django Template Language.


PyPI In a box: Using a Raspberry Pi as a portable PyPI server

We all use PyPI – here’s a way to ensure we always have access.


Bulawayo Python Meetup

Summary of the recent Python Bulawayo Meetup


User authentication in Django

The Django auth app makes authenticating users easy to do. Learn how to enable log in and logout functionality to a Django site.


Functions in JavaScript

3 ways to create functions in JavaScript


PyCon Africa Recap

In August 2019 I attended PyCon Africa in Ghana. I enjoyed the conference a lot because I got to meet many people I had only seen online. I wrote a re-cap article on Real Python about the conference and some of the talks I attended. You can read the article on Real Python.


Python: Get password from terminal without echoing

This is a short article about how to get a password from the terminal without echoing it back to the user as they type.


Working with the requests library

The requests library is one of the most popular Python libraries available. In this article, you’ll learn how to use requests to fetch resources from the web and also to interact with websites.