How to create an AWS Lambda layer

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. Using Lambda, you can create code that will only be run in response to an event. AWS supports lambda functions in many languages including Python. Writing a Python Lambda function is pretty straight forward if your code does … 


AWS: Deployment methods

This post discusses the most common deployment methods: all at once, rolling, immutable, and blue/green.


Setting up Django for Deployment: Nginx

This post explains how to install and setup nginx as a reverse proxy to gunicorn and web server to serve static files in Django.


Setting up Django for Deployment: Gunicorn

Web Servers like Apache or NGINX are great for handling HTTP requests. Unfortunately,they typically cannot communicate with Python applications directly. That is where gunicorn comes in.

Learn how to install, configure and run gunicorn with Django in this article.


Installing nginx on Linux

In this post, I show you two ways of installing and configuring nginx on Linux.


How to flatten a list of lists in Python

In this post, I cover a couple of ways to flatten lists of lists or lists of mixed data in standard Python and 3rd party libraries such as Django, Pandas and Matplotlib.


How to use Postman to authenticate to Django Rest Framework

Authenticating with Django REST APIs using HTTP Client


SCP: Sending files between servers using SSH

SCP or Secure Copy is a useful program for sending files between two or more computers over a secure shell (SSH) connection. In this post, I’ll show you how to use SCP to send files from your local computer to a remote, copy files from a remote computer to your local or copy files between … 



A part of my job involves connecting to a couple of Amazon EC2 instances(Linux servers) regularly to run commands, build, debug and deploy code. All along I’ve been using tabs terminal tabs to keep track of each server connection and the processes running in it. Using the terminal emulator’s tabs feature works okay for simple … 


How to connect and use two different networks simultaneously on Windows

In this post, I show you how to use two different network connections in Windows simultaneously.