How to flatten a list of lists in Python

In this post, I cover a couple of ways to flatten lists of lists or lists of mixed data in standard Python and 3rd party libraries such as Django, Pandas and Matplotlib.


How to use Postman to authenticate to Django Rest Framework

Authenticating with Django REST APIs using HTTP Client


SCP: Sending files between servers using SSH

SCP or Secure Copy is a useful program for sending files between two or more computers over a secure shell (SSH) connection. In this post, I’ll show you how to use SCP to send files from your local computer to a remote, copy files from a remote computer to your local or copy files between … 



A part of my job involves connecting to a couple of Amazon EC2 instances(Linux servers) regularly to run commands, build, debug and deploy code. All along I’ve been using tabs terminal tabs to keep track of each server connection and the processes running in it. Using the terminal emulator’s tabs feature works okay for simple … 


How to connect and use two different networks simultaneously on Windows

In this post, I show you how to use two different network connections in Windows simultaneously.


Security in AWS

An overview of security within the cloud environment using the multi-tiered architecture.


How to use Django with multiple databases

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to connect Django to more than one database at a time? Read this post to find out how.


Dealing with the Type Error: ObjectId(”) is not JSON serializable error when working with MongoDB

Learn how to serialize MongoDB ObjectId data types in Python.


Installing a self signed SSL certificate on Elastic Beanstalk

Learn how to create a self signed SSL certificate for use with Elastic Beanstalk


How to add CORS Headers to Django responses

How to add CORS headers to a Django Application