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How to hide a file inside another

 Hiding files in Windows

Why the need to hide files?

Hiding your history?

The other day, a thought occurred to me. How can one hide sensitive information on a computer? The first thing that came to mind was the Hidden file attribute for files and folders, but anyone who knows how to can view those files, and if you’re using Windows XP like I am, it makes the job even easier by telling you that there are hidden treasures in the folder you’re in.

I’m aware that there are many ways to hide files, the methods include, but are not limited to the following;

1) Compressing the file

2) Compressing and encrypting

3) Using file hiding software like Partition Magic or Concealer

4) Placing the hidden files on a separate partition and restricting access to it.

Some of these options are pretty good, but what if you need to hide a file on a shared computer or what if you need to hide the file immediately without the need for additional software that costs an arm and a leg? This is what motivated me to do some Googling and what I found is quite interesting, it is actually possible to hide files in a relatively simple way without the need to purchase expensive software.