Participation Leaders Summit Singapore

I attended the Mozilla Participation Leadership summit in Singapore in January 2016 where strategies on how to build the Mozilla community were discussed, planning was done, coffee was had and Mozlove was spread. Here are some of the pictures from the event.


Effort is between you and you – Ray Lewis

This is a great video, I’m adding it here to motivate me when I need it.


Reflections: Why I won’t quit Python

At the beginning of the year I made a very important decision. I decided to learn Python, the programming language for those that don’t know. I have done well for myself and I’ve made certain progress in this respect.


AfricaCom 2014

I had the opportunity to man the Mozilla Booth at Africacom 2014 with fellow Mozillian Oarabile Mudongo. This was the largest Tech show I’d ever attended. Our job was to demo Firefox OS phones made by Alcatel and to get people excited before the launch. Africacom was hosted in the beautiful city of Cape Town … 


IRC Cloud: I love this client

For those of you who don’t already know, I am not a big fan of Corporate Culture and I have done my best to avoid working in a a strict shirt and tie corporate environment. Currently I work as a contractor for a company in the US (, I work on providing clients with Customer … 


How Ecocash Saved my life.

What feelings does the word ‘Ecocash’ invoke? Well for me its a feeling of utter merriment. I love Ecocash. I am in no way associated with Econet Wireless or Ecocash but I just want to share with everyone why and how I use the Ecocash service. For those of you who don’t already know, Ecocash … 



Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Tech4Africa in Johannesburg,South Africa Tech4africa was meant to bring together people in tech to learn, meet new people and have lots of fun. I manned the Mozilla booth, demoed FirefoxOS and answered as many questions as I could from the event attendees. The event in general went … 


Makerparty in Bulawayo

This is a quick debrief of the first Maker Party in Bulawayo that was held on the 27th of August 2014. After a few weeks of planning, I and the rest of the Mozilla Zimbabwe team hosted a Maker Party with a focus on teaching people about privacy.


Training the facilitators

In preparation for Maker Party, I organised a training day for everyone who is going to be a facilitator. The training went well. Facilitators were introduced to persona,thimble popcorn and lightbeam tools. Pictures below: After this event I felt we were ready to host Maker Party in Bulawayo. I’ll write a follow up post about … 


The new Unit Conversion App

A few weeks ago I blogged about a unit conversion app that I was working on. I doubt that I’ll be working on that project anymore. I found on github a similar project that was written better than mine(its design is modular, the style is clean and just better than my own) but the said …