This is a list of many of the things I am proud to have worked on.


  • PyCapital
  • PyCapital is useful for looking up the capital of any country in the world. Do pip install pycapital to try it out.

  • Work Logger
  • I worked in a technical and customer support role for the last 3 years. My job involved responding to customer tickets that came in through our support portal. At the end of each day, I had to write a report detailing how many tickets I handled.Doing this everyday was annoying so I wrote a script to keep track of the tickets automatically for me. Whenever I worked on a ticket, the script added it to a log file.

  • IP Address Extractor
  • On October 7, 2016, the Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) issued a joint statement on election security compromises. DHS has released a Joint Analysis Report (JAR) attributing those compromises to Russian malicious cyber activity, designated as GRIZZLY STEPPE. This utility extracts IP addresses and their location from the GRIZZLY STEPPE report.

  • Distance Calculator
  • A program that works out the distance between two user specified cities using the haversine formula.


  • ZimClix
  • A website I made for my side business built using HTML, CSS and a little PHP in the back end.

  • Prowl
  • An online magazine developed using WordPress.

Open Source Contributions

  • Oppia Foundation
  • is an online interactive learning platform. Oppia’s documentation became out of date after a major front end redesign.I updated the documentation in this pull request.

  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Mozilla is the organisation behind the Firefox browser. I was a core contributor to the project for many years. Here are some highlights:

    • Functional Testing
    • I worked as a community tester with the Desktop QA and Web QA teams to test the Firefox browser and Mozilla websites before new releases were shipped. I got special mention for the testing work I did here and in these posts.

    • Localisation
    • I led a team of 3 translators in the translation of Firefox OS, (a discontinued open source operating system). We translated about 25% of the core parts of the operating system into the Ndebele language.

      I also did community building, documentation and facilitated teaching workshops for Mozilla. Read more about that here.